Situated within a beautiful rural landscape, Ryehills Farm Day Nursery blends outstanding childcare and development within an incredible outdoor environment. Over the last 10 years we have worked tirelessly to develop a reputation for providing exceptional educational standards, maintaining high-class modern facilities, as well as, possessing a highly trained team of accomplished and caring nursery practitioners. Our curriculum is structured around the EYFS statutory framework and individually tailored to each child in order to ensure every child is able to fulfill their true potential. Through our team of highly qualified and passionate nursery practitioners we constantly strive to deliver exceptional childcare to guarantee every child the best start to life and education.


Ryehills Farm Day Nursery

West Haddon - Northampton

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Opened in the Spring of April 2009, Ryehills Farm Day Nursery is quickly approaching its 10 year anniversary following the move from its previous location in East Haddon. From a small derelict bungalow on the outskirts of West Haddon, Ryehills Farm has been transformed into a state of the art children's day nursery.


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Over the course of the last 10 years Ryehills Farm Day Nursery has quickly established itself as a first-class childcare provider with a glowing reputation, as well as, a series of 'Outstanding' grades from Ofsted. The site itself has continued to grow and develop, with a number of additional projects and extensions, into what is now a truly exceptional early years destination for children of all ages to learn and grow. 


Located in the beautiful countryside in the heart of rural Northamptonshire. Ryehills Farm Day Nursery has long upheld a reputation for combining 'Outstanding' childcare with a picturesque outdoors environment. With access to acres of open countryside, specifically designed and nurtured to enable the children to explore and play, Ryehills Farm offers a truly unique outdoor experience. Whether the children are freely exploring the great outdoors, helping to plant this summers vegetable crop or simply enjoying an afternoon picnic in the sun, everyday is full of new and exciting adventures.

Ingrained into the fabric of Ryehills Farm Day Nurseries culture and identity is an unrelenting commitment to delivering outstanding childcare, as well as, providing all our children with an exceptional educational foundation. Here at Ryehills Farm Day Nursery, through the use of 'cohort tracking', each child's educational pathway is individually tailored to their personal and developmental needs, helping to ensure that every child is able to fulfill and exceed their potential. The bedrock of our curriculum is based on the overarching principles of the EYFS statutory framework as we regularly monitor and review each child progress. 

Ultimately, though, our fundamental priority is to ensure the general well-being and happiness of each individual child under our care. Our incredible team of practitioners strive to ensure that each day is chock-full of exciting and action packed activities that not only entertain but also help stimulate and further add to their social and educational development.

Ryehills Farm Day Nursery is truly like no other, offering your little one the perfect start to life!