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Daily Routine

Explore how nature, play, & personalised education come together to create an extraordinary experience for every child, guiding them toward a bright & promising future.

A day in the life...

To give you a picture of 'typical' day at Climbing High Nurseries we've outlined our usual routine, designed to provide a stimulating and enriching environment for young minds. Across all of our settings the daily routine serves as the backbone of a structured and purposeful day, ensuring that each child's experience is both enjoyable and educationally meaningful. At our nursery, we understand the importance of maintaining consistency, offering a secure foundation for intellectual, social, and emotional development. As we navigate through a meticulously designed curriculum, each day is a deliberate journey, marked by engaging activities and tailored learning experiences that spark curiosity and enthusiasm. Join us in fostering a nurturing atmosphere where professionalism meets playfulness, creating an atmosphere where children thrive in both learning and joy.


Drop off

At Climbing High Nurseries, we understand that saying goodbye to your child at nursery can be a challenge for both you and your child, we will work with you to ensure a positive and warm start to each session. We understand the importance of strong relationships within each setting and work with all families to build strong and positive bonds for children.

You will be greeted by an educator familiar to your child, providing an opportunity to share any important information if necessary. Once your child is in the setting they will be settled into their session through comfort and play opportunities.


Continuous Provision

Play is at the heart of everything we do at Climbing High Nurseries, and children in our care are encouraged to engage in child led and open ended play. They will gain the skills to be independent learners, children can immerse themselves in creative, construction, messy, small world and so much more.

Climbing High Nurseries understand the importance of getting to know and understanding each child as an individual, this allows us to tailor our environments to support individual and specific needs. Our educated educators will scaffold and enhance learning through play opportunities within the continuous provision and children’s interests will always be reflected.


Meal Time

Lunch is served at 11:30am and tea is served at 3:30pm.


We view meal time at Climbing High Nurseries as a great way to build social and communication skills. Our educated educators will also always encourage independence during meal times as children are encourage to self-serve their meals and clean their faces afterwards, where age appropriate.

For more information, visit Nutrition.


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is at the heart of our curriculum. Children always have access to our outdoor spaces at Climbing High Nurseries, and our outdoor spaces are designed to promotes physical skills, curiosity and building a knowledge of the natural world. To learn more about our outdoor learning curriculum, see Our Curriculum.


Sleep & Rest

At Climbing High Nurseries, we aim to ensure that all children have enough sleep to support their development and natural sleeping rhythms in a safe environment.

Individual sleep routines are followed rather than one set sleep time for all children. We create an environment that helps to settle children that require a sleep for example dimming the lights, using soft music, where applicable whilst ensuring that we continue to meet the needs of the children that do not require a sleep and ensure they can continue to play, learn and develop. This may involve taking children outdoors or linking with other rooms/children.

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Going Home

At the end of each session you will have the chance to discuss your child’s day with a familiar educator.

All key information regarding your child’s day can be found on the Family app for convenience. However, if you ever need to have a chat with your child’s Key Person or the Nursery Manager about your child’s development, we have an open-door policy that will allow you to openly chat with them.

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