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Our ethos

The foundations that form everything we do, and why we do it. To find out more about our why download The Climbing High Approach below!

The Climbing High Approach

At the heart of Climbing High Day Nurseries is a responsibility for every child under our care to be provided with the educational foundation and emotional support necessary to have the very best start in life. Not only do we guarantee their development from an educational standpoint, but we also strive to ensure that we deliver a ''home from home" environment for all our children.


Our values and ethics as a business are shared across each nursery to ensure quality and continuity within our practice. Delivering outstanding childcare and safety of all children is ingrained into Climbing High's DNA. 

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Nurturing Young Minds

We believe in education based on science. At Climbing High Nurseries we pride ourselves in taking a neuroscience-informed approach to build our curriculum, environments, interactions and ideology behind everything we do!

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Meaningful Relationships

Nurturing relationships are undoubtedly the most powerful factor at play when developing young children. Through reflective, not reactionary, responses to children's behaviour we strive to support emotional development, reaffirm safe spaces and build meaningful caring relationships.


Educated Educators

Educated Educators cultivates a practice shaped by science, focusing on high-quality interactions and positive, meaningful relationships. As play specialists and co-learners, they believe in shared responsibility for behavior, acting as partners rather than teachers, and being responsive to trauma.


Stimulating Environments

Our environments are an embodiment of everything that a child is exposed to, from forming attachments, to the conversations we have, the behaviours we model and of course the play, curiosity and investigation we encourage.

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Connected With Nature

Outdoor learning is at the heart of our curriculum. This approach to education moves beyond the traditional confines of a classroom, allowing young children to explore, engage, and learn in the natural world. By immersing themselves in nature's classroom, children are provided with a wealth of opportunities to develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

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