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At the heart of Climbing High Day Nurseries Ltd is an ingrained belief that every child under our care will be provided with the educational foundation and emotional support, necessary to have the very best start in life. Not only do we guarantee their development from an educational standpoint, but we also strive to ensure that we deliver a ''home from home" environment for all our children.


Located in numerous beautiful countryside settings, across both Northamptonshire and Rutland, we offer your child a unique opportunity to learn, play and explore within magnificent rural surroundings. Each nursery possesses its very own unique character and charm based on it's environment and locality. We cherish the difference among our individual settings and promote a sense of individuality.


Nonetheless, our values and ethics as a business are shared across each establishment to ensure quality and continuity within our practice. Delivering outstanding childcare and ensuring the utmost safety of all children is ingrained into Climbing High's DNA.