Welcome to Ketton Road Day Nursery

Dear Parents,

We have some very exciting news to share!

As a company we have long been proud of the name Keepers Cottage and the reputation we have held amongst the local community for the past two decades, bringing many children a wonderful start to life and enabling them access to an exceptional early year’s education. However, the world is ever changing and so too are the people in it! Since lockdown Keepers Cottage has gone through a number of incredible changes as the people at the heart of the nursery relished a fresh start and an incredible desire to push onward and upwards after months of isolation. Throughout numerous discussions and meetings it became clear that a new nursery name would not only become a clear symbol of change but also an opportunity to better market our location and demonstrate the incredible hard work and effort the team has made post-lockdown.

Which is why today I am delighted to announce that Keepers Cottage will officially be becoming Ketton Road Day Nursery. We only hope that the name Ketton Road Day Nursery brings as much joy and happiness to the lives of the children that Keepers Cottage has managed!

Here’s to a bright and healthy future for all!

Kind Regards,

Ben Jones Business Operations Manager

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