Covid-19 Parent Notice

As a result of the WHO declaring the coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic and the recent speculation surrounding the Governments potential decision to shut down schools and early years settings, Climbing High Nurseries Ltd feels it is appropriate to make the following statements.

Presently, Climbing High Nurseries Ltd has no intention of closing any settings unless we are instructed to do so by government officials and the local authorities as we will continue to follow their guidelines. Should we be instructed by the government to close for a period of time we will re-open with immediate effect the very next day after that enforced closure ends.

Over the last month we have undertaken deep cleans across all our settings, as well as, further increasing our already robust hygiene policies. At this stage there is little evidence to suggest children are driving transmission or are at severe risk from the virus. Should you decide to self-isolate your child and take them out of nursery as a precautionary measure then our normal policies and procedures will apply.

Nonetheless, there are several very real consequences from the current pandemic that will have a significant impact on each of our settings. The most substantial of these is currently the difficulties we are going to face in procuring food as all major supermarkets are running severely low on stock and are either suspending home deliveries or are fully booked up until April. As a result of this Climbing High Nurseries Ltd have been forced to request that parents provide their children with a pack lunch, snack and tea as of the 30th March 2020, for more information please see the meals guide that was sent out along with this notice. Moving forward this policy will then be monitored on a month to month basis, with us reviewing this once again at the end of April in order to inform you of our plans for May. Should supermarket services return to normal by May then we will once again be providing meals. From the 30th March we will no longer be charging for any meals until we are able to provide them again.

Should the severity of this pandemic continue to intensify over the coming weeks and months, Climbing High Nurseries Ltd could find itself in a difficult situation from a staffing point of view. The government has suggested over recent weeks that ratios could be relaxed during this period which would help elevate staffing pressures, yet still maintain the safety of the children. However, depending on severity we could also ask for support and help from parents willing to volunteer for a day or half day to support in a crisis. We obviously hope this is a scenario we will not have to face but should a large percentage of our workforce self-isolate then the options will be to ask for voluntary support or close.

We would also advise all parents to be mindful of their child’s and others wellbeing at this time and not to bring children who are visibly into the Nursery over the coming months. Equally, any children that we deem to be showing symptoms related to the virus will potentially be sent home in order to protect our staff and the other children within the setting.

We hope that you understand the potential difficulties we might soon be facing, and we equally want to help support the local community by continuing to offer childcare and enabling people to work. Finally, a huge thank you also needs to be given to our staff across all nurseries who have over the last couple of weeks carried on with a business as usual attitude!

Should you have any further questions then please direct them towards your settings manager. However, until the government changes it stance and introduces new legislation we will continue to abide by our Policies and Procedures that you can find within our Parent Handbook.

Kind Regards,

Sandi Jones Company Director.

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