British Science Week - Ryehills

In order to celebrate Science Week 2019 the Pre-Schoolers have been busy taking part in a number of exciting and educational experiments. They looked at floating and sinking, whilst making predictions on the expected outcomes of each scenario. The children also explored the concept of food transformation by making rainbow jelly whilst observing how the jelly changes from a liquid to a solid, as well as, how bread rolls develop from the dough.

Over the course of the week the children were able to take part in a wide variety of other experiments including:

- A bouncing egg experiment, where we put an egg in vinegar and food colouring and observed any changes across 2 days.

- A skittles experiment looking at what happens when you add water

- A balloon experiment and lots of general experimenting with different textures.

If your children were particularly interested in our experiments, please speak to the pre-school team to gain more information and our recipe cards.

Team Ryehills.

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