British Science Week - Flore

Last week was ‘British science week’ at Flore Day Nursery and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a wide range of Science experiments. Throughout the week the children were able to take part in a number of fun and educational activities, allowing them to experience change, reactions, processes, as well as, giving them the opportunities to record their findings, predict what will happen along with how we can change the outcome.

We have:

  • Built bubble towers

  • Watched the Skittles experiment

  • Created Lava lamps with oil and water

  • Made our own Volcanoes

  • Watched the process of transporting water down tubes

  • Explored ‘The hungry caterpillar’ by tasting, smelling, chopping and talking about the different fruits that he eats along the way.

  • Experimented with salt and ice to see what happens if salt is added to ice.

  • We have given daffodil’s coloured water to see I it makes a difference.

  • We have created our launching pots which allowed us to launch marshmallows to measure the distance. Using big and small marshmallows we could see which went further.

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