Flower power at Ryehills Pre-School

Over at Ryehills the Pre-School children have been busy taking a keen interest in the daffodils growing on the decking over the past couple of days, so the team decided to discuss what was needed to actually grow flowers. The children were full of ideas and suggested a plant pot, sun, water, soil, mud, a watering can, flowers, as well as, the seeds. The team then decided to go to the allotment and plant some seeds, using all the tools the children had suggested to plant the flowers. A couple of the children had suggested they don’t need mud or soil, so decided to plant some seeds in just water as suggested.

All the plants plated by the children can be seen in the Pre-School room and will be monitored over the coming weeks. Hopefully they will soon grow to be big and beautiful flowers!

Team Ryehills!

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