The Month of January at Ryehills

Baby Room:

Over the next couple of months the younger babies will be focusing on their physical development, communication and language, as well as, their mathematical skills.

Physical Development - encouraging standing and taking steps using activities on tables to strengthen leg muscles, developing our hand/eye co-ordination practicing using spoons to feed ourselves and activities such as scooping cereals.

Communication & Language Development - using pointing and eye gaze to make requests and share interests. We will be looking at books, pointing to pictures and things in our environment including visiting the chickens.

Mathematics - developing our math skills by looking for hidden objects in shredded paper and under fabrics. Exploring big and little toys, noticing differences in sizes and weight. We will also practice songs that include numbers such as ‘3 little ducks’ and ‘hickory, dickory dock’.

Meanwhile, the older babies will be focusing on communication & language but will be incorporating all areas of the EYFS through our activities.

We will be focusing on practicing words and actions to songs, including songs that incorporate math such as ‘3 blind mice’ and ‘baa baa black sheep’. This will then be extended to other areas of development through; making animals, practicing animal sounds, baking animal biscuits, communication and language will be being promoted and role modeled by staff at all times.

Through our expressive arts and design activities we will be looking at making marks for meaning and using different media and materials to make marks. These will be displayed throughout the baby room.

Two’s Room:

The children have recently shown an interest in animals; therefore, we will incorporate this interest in animals into all areas of our learning. We will be making a variety of animals using different materials such as paint, collage, marking making with pencils and 3d modelling using tools including scissors. We will also create a jungle display learning about the different environments that animals live in.

We will be looking at big and little animals and the life cycle of animals, listening to stories about animals, we will use play-dough to create animals and their environments and we will search for animals at the field, play matching games and lots more.

Animals will also incorporate into our Chinese New Year celebrations with a focus on the year of the pig.

We will also be looking to develop the children’s next steps of development by incorporating shapes, numbers and colours into our circle time activities.

Two’s Reminders: Please can we also take this opportunity to ask that you inform us with as much notice as possible of the date of 2-year checks to enable time for the key person to write a report for you to share at this appointment?

We can work alongside you with potty training, please talk to a member of the two’s team about this!


We all love listening to stories and looking at our books in preschool, therefore we have decided to take part in story telling week, which will run from the 26th January up until the 2nd February.

During this week the children can bring in a book from home to share and can wear fancy dress linked to stories if they would like to. We will be listening to stories, sharing our books from home, looking at the words and pictures in books and creating our own stories and books.

Pre-School will also be celebrating Chinese New year on 5th February, learning about Chinese customs, Chinese food and the Chinese language.

The children have also shown an interest in weather, therefore, we will be finding out all about weather and the changing seasons, this will include investigations of water, ice and maybe snow! This will lead on to spring incorporating planting and growth.

We will continue to focus on our Nursery Values which we would like you to share with your children at home,

  • To be kind

  • To share nicely

  • To say thank you

  • To take turns

  • To not run

  • To always help

  • To be honest

  • To not hurt others

  • To say please

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