The Month of January at Flore

New Year - Welcome to 2019: (1st Week of Jan)

In order to celebrate 2018 and welcome in the new year, the Children will be taking part in a number of fun and exciting activities based on New Year traditions and exploring how these vary around the world. They'll get the opportunity to share and discuss 'New Year Resolutions', explore what New Year traditions take place in other countries, as well as, watch the countdown from London.

Bubble Bath Day: (Tuesday 8th January)

This year we will be using the National Bubble Bath Day to help highlight why it's important to wash, as well as, providing the Children with the opportunity to share and discuss their own personal hygiene routines.

Measure your Feet Day: (Wednesday 23rd January)

Children throughout Flore Day Nursery will be utilising 'National Measure your Feet Day' in order to further enhance our Mathematical skills, as well as, learning more about the human body.In order to measure their own feet the children will be using measurement tools such as rulers and measuring blocks. They will also be getting the opportunity to discuss and share their shoe size, take part in a shoe shop role play, as well as, crafting stilts.

Burns Night: (Friday 25th January)

In order to recognise and celebrate the works of famous Scottish poet Robert Burns the Children will be taking part in a number of activities and games themed around Scottish traditions and heritage. They'll be taking part in traditional games such as 'Toss the Caber', making and decorating shortbread, as well as, tasting traditional Scottish food such as haggis. All the children will get the opportunity to learn about Burn's Night through different stories and poems, whilst also watching/listening to Scottish music including bagpipes and highland fling.

Other Events:

Throughout the month of January the Children will be taking part in a number of activities in the great outdoors. Children will get the opportunity to make bird feeders, create pictures of birds using different resources, create charts for how many birds they see, as well as, making note of the different species. The Nursery will also be taking part in this years 'Big Garden Watch' between the 26th & 28th of January.

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