Road Safety & Dinosaurs!

Aside from the Christmas festivities the Children at Flore Day Nursery have been taking part in a number of other fun and exciting activities these past few weeks. Most recently the Pre-Schooler's have been looking at Dinosaurs as a key theme for the month. This seen them get the opportunity to draw their very own dinosaurs, make their own fossils, complete dinosaur fact sheets, as well as, taking part in a number of role play games.

Also on the agenda these past few weeks has been Traffic Awareness and Road Safety. With everyone getting out and about a lot more this month as we partake in festivities with friends and family, it is important to remind ourselves of the dangers when crossing the road. Over the last few weeks we have looked at the different road signs and what they mean, as well as, sharing how we cross the road safely. The children have also made traffic light pictures and then used these for physical games, with each of the different colours representing a different movement.


Team Flore

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