The Month of November at Keepers

As we enter the penultimate month of the calendar year here is just a taste of some of the exciting activities and events we have planned this November! Make sure to check back here later on for more information regarding our Christmas plans for 2018.

Halloween Dress Up: (31st October)

To round off the month of October we invite all children and staff to get creative and come to Nursery in their 'spookiest' costume for Halloween.

Bonfire Night: (5th November)

In preparation for Bonfire Night 2018 the Children will be creating Firework inspired artwork and their very own sparklers out of bread-sticks.

Diwali: (6th November)

To celebrate the Hindu 'Festival of Light' this year the Children will get the chance to learn about the origin and history of Diwali through Dance, Music and an array of different activities.

World Science Day: (10th November)

A perfect excuse to embrace science for the day as the children get the opportunity to take part in an array of different science experiments.

Remembrance Day: (11th November)

In order to pay respect to those, past and present, who have served in the military the Children will be taking part in a number of activities, games and stories dedicated to our brave soldiers.

Children in Need: (16th November)

All children and staff are invited to come to Nursery dressed up in their PJ's in order to raise money for disadvantaged young children across the country. A cake sale will also be taking place in the porch throughout the day. More information surrounding the day will be released as we get closer to the date.

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