What's Coming Up at Ryehills?

Babies Room:

Commencing the week starting the 13th of August the baby room will be participating in 'National Allotment Week', which will see the children get the opportunity to take part in a number of gardening activities. Throughout this week the Children will get the chance to take part in an educational visit to the nursery's allotment, explore herb play-dough, pick vegetables for their lunches, take part in sensory exploration of cooked vegetables, as well as, a tasting session where they'll be able to try a variety of fresh foods from our gardens.

As of September the theme for the Baby Room will be 'All About Me' as we look to introduce a host of new babies to the room. This new theme will see the children take part in a number of activities aimed at developing relationships between themselves and the staff team / other children, as well as, introducing and re-enforcing our nursery values and routines.

From October we will also be looking to explore the different colours found in the Autumn environment and countryside, including the changing of the leaves and trees. We will also be introducing the children to a number of sensory exploration activities based around the theme of Halloween.

Two's Room:

This month the two's children have been focusing on books of interest, as well as, their favorite characters, with our next book of choice being the ever popular 'The Gruffalo' story. Taking inspiration from The Gruffalo himself, the children will be taking part in a number of different fun activities such as 'Gruffalo Crumble' and 'Scrambled Snake'.

As of next month we will be moving onto our next theme that will be Autumn, presenting the children with the opportunity to take part in a number of different sensory activities. Our sensory activities will see the children exploring the great outdoors, as well as, a number of different cooking based activities. This will of course require all children to be provided with weather appropriate clothing/footwear.


As of September Pre-School's new theme will be 'All About Me' as the children will be focusing on their individualities, likes and dislikes, as well as, being able to notice similarities and differences with our friends. 'All About Me' booklets will be sent home to allow parents to get involved and continue/expand the children's learning outside the nursery. Whilst at Nursery the children will be taking part in a number of exciting activities such as; making dolly peg people, creating face plates and a joint 3D house, looking at who lives with me, life cycles of humans and our pets, as well as, reflecting upon how we have changed from a baby to pre-school.

PS: On Wednesday 3rd October, Jane Ellis Designs Photography will be coming into the Nursery in order to take pictures of all children that attend on this day, if your child doesn’t usually attend on Wednesdays but you would like to bring them in for a photo please book an appointment with Kirsty.

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