30 Day's Wild!

Over the month of June our 2's room has embraced their 'wild side' and have taken part in the ‘30 Days Wild’ challenge. This meant the 2's room were tasked with the challenge of getting outside every single day of June and embracing nature, no matter what the weather!

Exciting activities and opportunities were planned for everyday of the month, as well as, using the ‘Random Acts of Wildness' cards, which provided us with simple ideas for quick and easy ‘wild’ things to do.

The children also took part whilst at home and shared photos of the fun activities and experiences in the outdoors including: strawberry picking, rock climbing, horse riding and many more.

Come rain or shine, they had so much fun and enjoyment exploring all the exciting things nature and the great outdoors has to offer.

The activities and experiences during the month included:

  • Hunting for different colours, shapes and insects, along with items which we could thread onto our natural garland.

  • Creating artwork from natural resources including, flower pressing, tree rubbings, natural mobiles, strawberry prints and stickman himself.

  • Tending to our vegetables and plants and using some of our fresh fruits to make ice lollies.

  • Tracking the weather each day and the sounds we could hear outside.

  • Making feeders for our wildlife including the butterflies and birds

  • Playing games using items found in nature i.e. bug bingo

  • Experiencing sensory play with the herbs found in the garden

  • Taking part in obstacle courses using natural resources and doing yoga outside.


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