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Flore - Northampton

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At the heart of a small charming village surrounded by rolling countryside and breath taking rural views. Flore Day Nursery is an officially certified 'Outstanding' setting offering childcare for children aged between 3 months and 5 years. With excellent transport links to a number of major routes up and down the country, Flore is an ideal location for any parents who regularly commutes to work. Junction 16 on the M1 is just an 8 mile drive from the Nursery, enabling parents to be on their way to work in no time! 

We possess a proud history of delivering high class childcare and educational development, whilst also ensuring we are constantly achieving impeccable safeguarding standards. As a nursery we constantly strive to better ourselves and boast a team of highly trained and professional practitioners who all share an unrelenting passion towards early years education. Our outstanding team possess an array of impressive qualifications and all specialise in an assortment of different key educational areas.


Producing children equipped with the social and educational skills necessary to thrive in primary education and later life is a vital aspect of early years education. It is without doubt that a child's early years education is vital as it provides them with the core foundation necessary to succeed later on in life, both in and outside of the classroom. Here at Flore Day Nursery we strongly believe we provide each and every child under our care with the skills necessary to go on and excel educationally and also socially. 

Flore Pre-School - Virtual Tour 2022
Flore Twos Room - Virtual Tour 2022
Flore Baby Room - Virtual Tour 2022

Opened in the Winter of 2006, Flore Day Nursery was transformed from an ageing doctors surgery to a state of the art children's day nursery. Achieving 'Outstanding' grades from Ofsted in its last two formal inspections (2011 & 2014) is a testament to the standards we demand of ourselves.


Since being founded in 2006, Flore Day Nursery has continued to expand and develop with a number of extensions and developments being carried out over the years. Both internally and externally we have consistently looked to make improvements in order to provide the children with greater facilities and equipment.


The commitment to striving for outstanding levels of childcare is synonymous across all our settings and Flore Day Nursery is no exception. Over the last decade Flore has built a reputation to be proud of, with a number of outstanding grades from Ofsted, and a track record of exceptional childcare.


With an emphasis on delivering an unrivaled level of childcare and a premium standard of education, Flore Day Nursery offers each and every child a unique learning environment to grow and develop. With the EYFS statutory frameworks 'overarching principles' at the core of our curriculum and educational structure we constantly endeavor to provide all children with a unique educational pathway. Through annual assessments our team of highly trained practitioners will formally review each child's progress, as well as, monitoring and observing any progress made on a day to day basis. In doing this we seek to provide each child with a curriculum tailored specifically to the areas of the EYFS framework they require support in. 

Whilst educational development is integral to a child's development their general well-being and happiness are imperative and ultimately dictate our day to day planning. Putting smiles onto children's faces is what we specialise in and all parents can rest assured knowing their little one is receiving the best care and support available.

Here at Flore Day Nursery we pride ourselves on not only providing your child with an outstanding educational platform, but also a start to life filled with excitement and happiness all within a safe and secure environment.