The Month of March at Ryehills

Pancake Day: (Tuesday 5th March) Throughout the Nursery we will be having pancakes for morning snack, with the children getting the chance to choose their own toppings for their pancake. We will also be learning about the tradition of Shrove Tuesday and why we eat pancakes on this day. World Book Day: (Thursday 7th March) On the 7th of March we invite all children to bring a book from home to nursery in order to share our favourite stories for World Book Day. The children can also wear fancy dress if they wish to. We will be developing our listening and reading skills as well as personal, social and emotional development through sharing our own books and being imaginative through dressing up

Flore Preparing for Spring!

With summer arriving a few months early, the Children at Flore have been taking advantage of the sunny weather by getting outside and preparing for Spring! Over the last few days they have been busy preparing the vegetable patch and other growing areas, whilst also taking part in a number of activities in the mud kitchen. Fingers crossed this weather continues for a bit longer!! Team Flore.

Flower power at Ryehills Pre-School

Over at Ryehills the Pre-School children have been busy taking a keen interest in the daffodils growing on the decking over the past couple of days, so the team decided to discuss what was needed to actually grow flowers. The children were full of ideas and suggested a plant pot, sun, water, soil, mud, a watering can, flowers, as well as, the seeds. The team then decided to go to the allotment and plant some seeds, using all the tools the children had suggested to plant the flowers. A couple of the children had suggested they don’t need mud or soil, so decided to plant some seeds in just water as suggested. All the plants plated by the children can be seen in the Pre-School room and will be

Chinese New Year at Flore.

Over the last few weeks the children at Flore Day Nursery have been exploring the traditions behind the Chinese New Year, as well as, Chinese culture as a whole. We have been learning how to use chopsticks whilst exploring noodles and how these can be used to pick up food, some of the children were very good at picking up the marshmallows. The Children also got the opportunity to bake fortune cookies, spring rolls as well as having our own Chinese style meal. The Chinese Dragon is something else we have learnt a lot about, we have been watching the traditional Chinese Dragon dances and then created our own dragon before putting on our own dragon dance. Thanks, Team Flore.

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